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MFC (Multi-Flow Condensers)
Power savings are achieved with Sanden's multi-flow and sub-cool condenser technology because of its parallel-structured refrigerant circuit and ultra-thin, lightweight configuration. This relatively new technology has proved to be indispensable in automotive air conditioning systems of the future. Just another example of Sanpak's truly innovative approach to set the industry benchmark!

Salient Features:

 >> Sanpak's 16mm/25mm thick MFC weighs approximately 50% less than 44mm     Serpentine designs.

 >> Sanpak's MFCs are suitable for either R-12 or R-134a refrigerants.

 >> Sanpak's MFC design minimizes air pressure drop and radiator heat load.

 >> Sanpak's MFC can save up to 10% refrigerant usage in a system.

 >> Sanpak's MFC fitting channels and connectivity are universally acceptable to     accommodate Shaft Seal, Tube-o-ring or Double O-ring connections, which are
    EURO-3 compliant.

Aluminum Heat Exchangers

Our evaporators are manufactured using the latest Nocolok Brazing Technology coupled with the use of highly conductive materials to enable small size, high efficiency and high performance. The CAB (Controlled Atmosphere Brazing) phenomenon substantially reduces any possibility of corrosion in even the most extreme conditions of humidity and moisture prone areas. Keeping our customer's comfort in mind, all of Sanpak's evaporator units are treated with a special, anti-odour/anti-fungus coating ensuring a pleasant and healthy cabin environment.
We offer aluminum heater cores which are manufactured using the same methodology enabling limited size and maximum heat transfer.In comparison to the conventional Fin & Tube type cores which are designed using 40% additional volume and weight, our units out perform those of our competitors and continue to remain at the fore front of optimum heat exchanger technology.

High Performance-Highly Efficient Compressors
The scroll compressor, a totally new principle, achieves compression through the combined operation of two scrolls rotating simultaneously. Sanden is the first in the World to make this innovative mechanism available for mass production.
Quiet operation, high level efficiency, compact size and weight, outstanding durability and minimal burden on the engine are some of the features realized with this concept revolutionary compressor. Another example of how we continue to represent the leading edge of automotive air conditioning technology. During the last twenty years since its introduction, the wobble plate compressor, also known as the piston type compressor has passed through many stages of development and has gained the reputation as a leader in the automobile air conditioning industry worldwide. It also can be labeled as the most toughest compressor in it's class suitable for the most demanding driving environments. Both Scroll and Wobble plate designs provide trouble-free, high performance operation and are supplied to qualified automobile manufacturers throughout the world.

Receiver Driers
Sanden's Receiver Driers are specifically developed to store the exactamount of refrigerant as well to provide superb filtration of gas and removal of moisture ensuring excellent cooling efficiency. Their light weight, aluminum design with sight glass option can accommodate even the most complicated engine layouts. From a design perspective, our receiver driers address any space saving concerns effectively by facilitating a multi-port connection to cater for even the most complicated piping layout.

HVAC Units
As automobile manufacturers demand large cabin space and a more efficient, less bulky system to control climate, the trend towards HVAC technology has become the most predominant in terms of future auto air conditioner design. At Sanpak, we recognize this paradigm shift from a conventional, separate heater and evaporator to a consolidated HVAC system and offer the most advanced units the industry can provide.

Coreless Pancake Motors
Suction and discharge flow, blade and vane type fans come in a variety of ranges starting from 200mm ~ 350mm diameters creating an airflow of 8 ~ 12m3/sec with a rotation anywhere from 1800 ~ 2400 RPM. They are slim, compact, light weight and draw minimal current.




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